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Extend the life of your vehicle with commercial
performance protective coatings

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Protective Coatings

Extend the life of your vehicle AND maintain your asset.

Rust and corrosion are vehicle killers. make sure your truck, trailer, or plant equipment stands the test of time with our commercial performance coatings. 

New and old vehicles benefit from protective coatings, reducing maintenance costs and downtime
- now is the right time to protect your asset.

Protective treatment coatings

A vehicle treated for corrosion is also going to be repainted – so a good time to think of anti-corrosion treatment is when respraying for fleet branding or when the vehicle has been damaged in some way. Royan’s use PPG paint systems for the highest quality finish.
Our sites have facilities large to accommodate many machines, plant equipment, trucks and trailers at any one time.

Extending the life-cycle and saving money

The initial outlay of new plant or equipment can be costly and any business will expect many good years of service from their investment. Adding coatings for corrosive environments to protect, prevent & extend the life of the vehicle simply makes good financial sense.
Many companys recognise the benefit of keeping their trucks, trailers, cranes and machinery in top condition and extending the duration of the service.  And when it comes to safety, the importance of anti-corrosion treatments can’t be over-emphasised. The initial outlay in investment, at the time of respraying a vehicle, is worth every cent.


Royans delivers protective coating solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether our customers need proven protection from corrosion or want to ensure durability and aesthetic performance that will protect value assets, we only use advanced coating systems that can meet the specific needs of your required environment.

Our durable advanced coating systems are designed to protect and extend the operational life of equipment and are produced to meet the environmental conditions found in your industry.

We offer coatings that provide a resilient barrier, supporting long-term asset protection and decreasing maintenance cost for the following industries (to name a few):

  • Sulphur / sulfur activities such as mining, fertiliser, pharmaceutical industry, oil refining, ore processing
  • Water & waste water
  • Human waste
  • Livestock transport – the corrosive acidity in urine
  • Mining
  • And more


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