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Spray Painting


Royans have the ability to do all types of painting and have access to the industry’s best and most trusted equipment in our network. We guarantee a top-notch paint job, performed by skilled technicians and backed with a Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Our painting services include:

  • Sandblasting – to take all of the previous paintwork off and return your vehicle to the surface start. For selected jobs, this is a good technique to get an even and consistent coat of paint.
  • Powder coating – added to metals to provide a protective and hard surface in addition to the required colour.
  • Sign writing – to ensure that your vehicle will have the exact same designs as it did before repairs.
  • FleetPool – using PPG paint, PPG’s computer-controlled colour matching and PPG Fleetspec, we ensure high quality and consistent colour matching throughout your fleet.


Royans’ partnership with PPG goes back to the early days at our first branch in Parramatta. PPG is the world’s leading coatings and specialty products company, with a vast range of protective and decorative paints, sealants, adhesives, metal pretreatment products, fibreglass products, industrial chemicals and more.

Royans is part of the PPG FleetPool Network, an exclusive group of repairers selected by PPG to carry out high-quality paint and repair works for fleets of all sizes. As part of the FleetPool Network, we have access to PPG FleetSpec manuals containing the exact paint products, colour and designs for each FleetSpec fleet. This ensures consistent colour matching and quality across every vehicle.

Royans Transport Accident Repairs uses PPG’s premium quality DELFLEET® Evolution paint system for its specialised properties that meet the requirements of the Commercial Transport industry. The DELFLEET® Evolution paint system is a favourite of both OEM and refinish users and is used by most of the world’s leading truck manufacturers (including Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Volvo, Mack, Kenworth, MAN, Isuzu, Hino and Mitsubishi).

Royans also have access to a comprehensive range of PPG’s support services such as:

Technical TrainingTechnical Training
Process ImprovementProcess Improvement
Green Belt TrainingGreen Belt Training
Facility layout & designFacility layout & design
Facility AuditsFacility Audits
PPG FleetpoolPPG Fleetpool
Heated booths for a high quality paint finishHeated booths for a high quality paint finish
Infra-red drying lights & the latest refinishing equipmentInfra-red drying lights & the latest refinishing equipment
Painting & Spray Painting


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